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Dart Pro MT 2.1

The best tools for maximizing the sound quality of older or newly recorded audio
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The best tools for maximizing the sound quality of older or newly recorded audio.
DART Pro MT... the latest and fastest version of a complete sound improvement system. You will be amazed by the power and speed of the MultiThreaded restoration tools and the exceptional audio quality they deliver. Use DART Pro MT to capture sound from the sound card, or use with digital files to clean up and improve even the most troublesome audio problems.

Main Features:
- Special audio restoration and quality improvement functions:
- Eliminate impulsive disturbances (Click and Pop removal)
- Eliminate broadband/wideband noise (Hiss and all types of background noise removal)
- Eliminate harmonic disturbances (Hum & Buzz removal)
- Noise suppression based on a psychoacoustic model of the human auditory system. (Improved results)
- Replacement and reconstruction of large and small fragments and losses. (Replacement and Drop-out reconstruction
- MT™ (Multithreading) Support uses all CPUs simultaneously in a multi-CPU system for much faster processing.
- Works with 16 & 24 bit and up to 96kHz wave files and sound cards.
- Works with Music or Speech Recordings.
- Automatic tool settings as well as manual settings audio tools for full control.
- GUI - Graphical User Interface for sound file visualization. (Waveforms, parametrics & spectral views)
- Filter Builder for unique combinations of tools and processing options.
- Batch processing. (For lengthy unattended processing)
- Full background processing. Process files in the background while using other programs.
- Analog audio capture. (Via the Sound Card)
- Documentation. (Online Help and Electronic Manual)

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